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The Bucks „More Is More“ - Double Album

THE BUCKS - from another time ? Living legends ? A band ?
Original Zurich punks ? THE BUCKS - who ? Have they ever been casted ? Who knows ?
Hardened enthusiastic long runner ? In their youth, Rams and Päde were "wed" by rock'n'roll. They were smitten, but they did not fall victim to rock'n'roll. In the wake there were the guitar players Philip Zeman (Zürich) and Gavin Maitland, a Scotsman from Schaffhausen or a Schauffhauser man from Scotland. The youthful sprint turned into a marathon, and they are still running. Where to ? Why ? Why not ?
With a lot of enthusiasm, small, medium-sized and large audiences have seen the band in their Swiss home and all over Europe. This career has already lasted for more than two decades.
THE BUCKS do not run up to any old stage offering itself - only when they want to - often enough they want to and then they bang away - quite a bit !

With a whole load, in the form of a double album, THE BUCKS are showing a prominent sign of life !
"More Is More" definitely convinces with its modern sound - anywhere between punk rock and punk rock. And that in times of aspirating singers and unamplified ukuleles. Yes, indeed, sometimes less is simply more.
THE BUCKS believe: More can be more as well. More is More - that's it.

In music and lyrics, THE BUCKS reflect what can be moved or be moving here and today.
The new songs written by Rams and interpreted by the band reflect the critical and personal opinions as seen by Rams' world.
The self-proclaimed "broad-minded" and everyday turncoats - the white sheep perhaps, which cannot be all that white at all - spongers and pompous asses - are asked how they feel.
Accompanied by the "Punk Rockers" hymn, the title of which would assume a different tempo than what is offered. Surprises are in the cards. The whole backed by the virtuoso drumming of Päde, the guitars of Philip and Gavin, which are not all that harmless, and above or beside the basses of Rams in one sense or another !

THE BUCKS are keeping their independence, keeping attached to their fans, thanking them with an additional live disc. Sixteen tracks from all time phases, but played by today's band. Among them are original titles, such as "I Want It Trivial" which was pressed on vinyl at the time, and which is no longer available. In addition, perhaps intended as a tribute, Iggy Pop's classic The Passenger - of course in Bucks' arrangement.

THE BUCKS - rock'n'roll till you drop ? No - not necessarily - but after the gig is before the gig !

Discography: "Brave And Stupid", "Young And Weak In The Middle Ages", "The Fun Out Of Depression". Still available: "Ethics, Tempo, Class", "Fair Enough"
New: "More Is More"


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